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Music Creation


From epic film scores to modern game soundtracks to mood music for a voice over, deep breath productions can supply you with the perfect music to compliment your project.  Don't waste your time searching through endless libraries of music only to finally settle on music that "works" or is "good enough" for your project. Your work deserves music that is made specifically for it. I will work to create a sound that captures your vision as best as possible and if for some reason I fail to do this, you owe nothing!

Common Project Types

  • Film Score, Shorts, etc

  • Video Game Music

  • Jingles

  • TV Themes and Score

  • Music Beds

  • Intro music for podcasts or presentations




We all know the difficulty and frustration of having a great song or idea that we just can't get out right on our own. Let deep breath productions work with you to produce your music in the way and style you want while guiding you around the pitfalls that you can fall into while trying to do it all yourself. We have the tools and the experience to help you take that song or idea and produce a finished product that you will love and if I don't think we can provide what you need, we will help you find someone who can.

Common Genres

  • Pop/Rock

  • EDM

  • Orchestral

  • Ambient

  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Christian Music

  • Country



If you've written a song or any piece of music but need help arranging it for an ensemble to perform, deep breath productions would love to help by providing professional looking (and sounding) sheet music for whatever instrumentation you may need. Orchestration can be a very daunting task as it requires knowledge of transpositions, techniques, and an ear for part writing. Let us help you translate your song or piece into a full orchestration or a small orchestration for a smaller ensemble.



Learn Music Production or Composition

Are you already into music production or composing but want to expand your skills and knowledge? Again, I am here to help! With years of experience teaching at a university level, as well as years of professional experience, I can help you expand your creativity and your skill. I offer private coaching sessions in production and composition or a mixture of both. Remote learning is available as well!


More Services

ADR Dialogue Replacement

Camera and lense technologies of the day have made it possible to create visually stunning films at a fraction of the cost it once did. However, there are still a few things that can still say "low budget film" to your audience. One of the biggest give aways is often the quality of the dialogue audio. Often the on set dialogue recording can sound "roomy" and can be inconsistant between the different actors. 

Let deep breath productions help fix this! Dialogue replacement is a great way to give your beautiful film beautiful sound as well. The process allows the actors to record their lines in a studio enviroment to get the best quality while utilizing specail tools to sync the new dialogue to the origional on set recording in such a way that it perfectly matches the video. No bad overdubbing here. (video examples coming soon)



This is a different kind of "service". If you have a creative project that you would like to colaborate on, let us know! If the project is something we are interested in, we'll be glad to work with you. Obviously, there is no charge for collaboration as long as we can work out a share of any profits generated from the project.


There are even more services we can provide for you! If you need something that isn't listed above, just ask and we can probably help! 

Common miscellaneous services:

  • Custom Click Tracks

  • Performance Tracks

  • MIDI rendering

  • Sheet music to MIDI conversion

  • Vocal Editing

  • General Audio Editing

  • Audio Repair


And More

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