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Songwriting is a way of life for some of us, but even the most prolific songwriters can get frustrated at times when they get stuck or aren't feeling that spark of inspiration. Most pro songwriters in the industry have a solution for this:


I am looking to put together a small efficient team to do this but I need to find the right couple of people that have the right chemistry to make this work.

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • 2 to 3 people (3 to 4 including myself)

  • local (Omaha Ne area)

  • good chemistry - even the best songwriters might not click when working together

  • commitment to regular writing sessions

  • styles that compliment and subject matter that isn't vulgar, profane, purposefully offensive, or disrespectful - the world has enough of that

Here's what I'm NOT looking for

  • drama....

  • someone just wanting to produce songs they have already written

  • someone that can't take constructive criticism  

  • "beatmakers" - nothing wrong with it, just not where I want to go

  • employees - you would not be writing for me or dbp but with me and the team

  • songwriters to make me money - any profit would be split equally in normal cases

If you are interested or have questions, send me an email, give me a call, or shoot me a text. Then we can set up a meeting time to just see if you working with each other is a good fit.  Hope to hear from you soon!

AnDrue Humphrey


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